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The haunting imagery of Sarah Wilmer

New York photographer Sarah Wilmer creates dark, nightmare-inducing photographs that have a strange sense of innocence about them. They’re like movie stills, a cross between Lost Highway and Pan’s Labyrinth. We interviewed her recently to get the inside word on the inspirations behind her work.
Your photos have a cinematic quality to them. What films (or other medium) would you consider to be influences? ‘I love the work of Dario Argento, Roman Polanski, David Lynch and Alejandro Jodorowsky. Their films are so beautiful and interesting, I would say all of them have influenced me in one way or another’.

Where do most of your shoots take place?
‘In and around New York City’.

What is the most elaborate shoot you can recall and what did it entail?
‘There isn’t one shoot that stands out as being particularly elaborate. It’s like you have an idea, and you make it happen. It’s work and challenging and sure there are a lot of details to manage, but when you are excited and passionate. it’s all just part of the process’.

If you could photograph anyone, who would it be? And where?
‘I’d like to do a series of photos with Joanna Newsom in Iceland with local animals and children’.

Where has your work been seen?
‘I have had solo shows in New York City, Washington D.C. and Portland Oregon. I have been in group shows in New York City, Los Angeles, Portland Oregon, Tokyo, St.Louis and Washington D.C. My work has been published in V Magazine, Korean Vogue, Vision, Surface, Rolling Stone, Spin, PDN, Billboard, Marie Claire, XLR8R, Tennis, Spex, and Nomenus Quarterly, among others’.

sarah wilmer

sarah wilmer

sarah wilmer

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