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The Metal Man project

We spoke to Dopepope about his latest Metal Man Project: ‘In the fifth grade, I drew a comic called Metal Man about a humanoid robot that went crazy and pulled knives on people. It’s the most ridiculous thing ever. I was a kid! Anyway, I found the artwork and simply traced the head and the logo exactly as I had them and fell in love with the iconic shapes they’ve created’.

‘I then sent them to several artists and asked them to create a piece utilizing the head and logo. The rest of the image can be whatever they wanted it to be, whatever style they’d like. Anything goes … Volume One pulled together with wonderful response, but Volume Two has just been released with even more wonderful works. Many new artists contributed this time and the caliber of work is fantastic. Volume Two is proud to include work by Shin Tanaka, Ray Frenden, Chris Wahl, Hideyoshi, and many many others’.