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Transplant Community

A new idea has emerged in Norway that we think could be the precursor to things to come in the way our societies interact and develop. The general gradual demise of traditional gathering places such as town halls, community centers and churches has seemingly gone in hand with a generational shift and sharp increase in online virtual communities. However, humans still need to rub shoulders at some point to get things done, until, say, we perfect the sensitive hologram. In the meantime, places like Transplant could be the gathering points. With an increasing set of mobile businesspeople, places where idea creation and collaboration can occur will be jewels in the landscape. These individuals are not interested in carrying or owning much more than a mobile and laptop. So a place to gather with other minds, with shared resources such as material rooms, material workshops, prototype workshops, design shops, food and a bar, seem to us to be very attractive. With creativity becoming a broad future currency, these kinds of places could form the basis of progressive communities.