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Ed Harcourt: ‘My Secret Playlist’

We invited one of our favourite musicians, Ed Harcourt, to write about his eight favourite songs right now. He leads off with a Doobie Brothers classic, What A Fool Believes: ‘There’s something about Michael MacDonald’s white beard that’s so warm, so inviting, you feel he has the authority to teach you so much. This song is his calling card. It’s almost like every section is a chorus. I cherish it’.

2. If You Leave Me Now — Chicago: ‘Anything with a French horn is alright by me’.

3. Little Drummer Boy — David Bowie & Bing Crosby: ‘Have you seen the video? It looks like Bing has been forced at gunpoint to sing this with the Thin White Duke. One of the weirdest songs of all time’.

4. My Life — Billy Joel: ‘Lyrically this is pretty nasty stuff (I mean the song is rather whiny), but hey who cares when the melodies are so great! I sang this last year in concert with a full orchestra. Chilling’.

5. Moving Right Along — The Muppets: ‘Only not annoying if you’re four years old. I love it’.

6. If I Could Turn Back the Hands of Time — R.Kelly: ‘Er …’

7. Piece of Me — Britney Spears: ‘The production on this is great. Nice use of vocoder too’.

8. Tip toe through the tulips — Tiny Tim: ‘Very scary and otherworldly. Beautiful use of the uke’.

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