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Crooning Kings of Leon at Glastonbury

Attending Glastonbury festival was a defining moment for me. I got to experience some great artists including Leonard Cohen, Santogold, The Raconteurs and Lost At E Minor favourites Yeasayer. And while all the music was phenomenal, the most fantastic things you will hear at this festival are the conversations that float across the stinking quagmire. From the man talking about his first encounter with hommus at lunchtime, to the two ladies who wondered what would happen if you fell into the hole that serves as your toilet for five days: ‘would you die?’, she asked her friend. For me, the most beautiful sound I heard all weekend came from the young men in the tent adjacent to mine. In the late hours of the night, they sat around a fire, listening to their Kings of Leon CD. Unaware that I lay awake, they crooned softly, their voices a lullaby through the freezing air.