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The Shortwave Set

It beggars belief how such a good sound can go unnoticed for so long. British three-piece The Shortwave Set have been dilligently crafting some very fine songs since 2005, yet are only gradually making a name for themselves. Their latest album, Replica Sun Machine ticks all the right boxes for mass appeal, featuring poppy hooks, jangly percussion and that psychedelic 60’s touch that yanks them away from today’s mainstream. The dual male/female vocals are oozing intimacy, as if Patti Smith was in post-coital dialogue with an equally amourous Lou Reed. It’s a real cocktail of sonics, dipping one hand into Sufjan-esque folk and the other into bluesy Babe Ruth licks but always dappled with bright synth and sampling. Hopefully their sporadic UK festival appearances this summer will gain them the following they deserve. You can’t close your ears to this music when the sun is out.

Listen to The Shortwave Set track, Harmonia.