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SoundAffects: Brazil

SoundAffects: Brazil — a double CD release — is a nice little way to kick-start the European summer (or drag it out, depending on your coordinates). UK-based charity Bottletop have teamed up with Mr Bongo Recordings, roped in the likes of Fatboy Slim, Get Cape Wear Cape Fly and Adam Freeland, and delivered a sizzling platter of Brazilian standards and remixes. For CD 1, titled The Originals, Bottletop have scoured the archives of Brazilian cuts, bringing us legends such as Tenorio Jr, Os Novos Criolus and Mr Hermano, while The Remixes adds some layers of serious funk, drums and freshness to what is already intensely shake-yer-booty music. If you dig anything from carnival to drum n bass this isn’t likely to disappoint.