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David Saunders’ neon fantasy

While I feel I am not alone in breathing a sigh of relief over this season’s purging of fluoro, in retrospect there was a lot to be learned from the experience: don’t wear all fluoro, or don’t wear fluoro at all. And we slowly trudged back to black, which, despite what other colors may think, will always be the new black. But just when you thought you were safe from the neon, here’s a designer bringing it back, and doing it so well, neon seems nostalgic. David Saunders, a fine artist in a past life, has brought his impeccable eye for color to an industry still recovering from its excesses. And he pulls it off with aplomb. Placed in London’s exclusive, Dover Street Market, his kaleidoscope collection manages to go beyond the youthful addiction with standing out, and makes fluoro impossibly sophisticated. It’s an exciting collection from a methodical designer who has a keen grasp of humor. As he says, ‘the design process and the print process begin to collide. There is a wedding, we have cake, and then there is a bit of dance. But the courting is where things come together.’