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Sennheiser high-end headphones reviews

Even though Sennheiser is based in Hannover, Germany, it hasn’t stopped it becoming synonymous worldwide with quality. If you haven’t dipped your head into the high-end headphone market, then you probably should, because companies like Sennheiser are making leaps and bounds when it comes to personal audio products. In fact, they’ve refined a new development recently called ‘eargonomic acoustic refinement’. The new technology is reflected in three new sets of headphones that they’ve released: a travel can called the PXC-450, which are simply freaky, and two high definition headphones, which will assist you comfortably with your daily music and DVD needs.

The HD 555
These headphones are like wearing soft velvet ear muffs around your ears. You actually forget that you’re wearing them at times. Unlike a lot of large headphones, these come in at a very light 260 gms. With fantastic tonal balance and clarity that cannot be matched, I’d recommend these for anyone looking for an optimized sound on a smaller budget. Unfortunately, these cans leak sound in public, but are ideal for watching DVD’s at home and for times when you want something a bit special.

If you want to hear how good your iPod sounds, buy these phones, it absolutely brings artists such as Led Zeppelin or Sufjan Stevens to life. It features great mid-range and high solid bass dynamics. I really dig these cans. It’s a modest product, very earnestly priced and very comfortable with aural precision.

PXC-450 Noisegard 2.0
And now comes the pièce de résistance. Simply put, these headphones are insane. They are specialised noise cancelling phones. Perfect for flying on planes or heading out into noisy public spaces, I’ve never heard anything like these. When you apply them there is a deafening silence inside, nothing can be heard outside, though it has a ‘talk through’ and ‘bypass’ function. I’m speechless.