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Vice magazine’s Fashion issue

It’s Christmas time for the fashionist youth circuit as Vice releases it’s annual Fashion issue. I’d say the best thing about this magazine is that it’s free, but that would be a lie because the lack of monetary exchange is only one part of the tapestry of awesome you’ll find, in full, online. With all it’s trademark snark, Vice continues to both cover accurately and mock soundly every treasured facet of fashion, surely much to the delight of every person connected to fashion. It’s not quite what what we’re all thinking, but it’s definitely what we’d be thinking if we had the wit, irony and blanket of knowledge Vice bestows upon readers. Plus, it’s always nice to read nasty things about the fashion styles of Stockholm, Paris and Helsinki. Add to this Christopher Bollen’s brilliant summary of a generation’s uncomfortable relationship with capitalism through consumption or Tracie Egan’s equally insightful, distaste for the hungry gurus of fashion. Or add the divine photoshoot featuring everybody’s favourite porn star, Sasha Grey. With all these ingredients, Vice’s Fashion issue is quite like the 4am red wine-vodka-rum-beer cocktail mixed in a giant bowl with a shoe that we all enjoy annually. Only the next day there’s a pounding sense of superiority instead of a headache, and the only thing you’re vomiting are quotes.