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Tokyo Police Club

The incendiary energy of Canadian quartet, Tokyo Police Club is electric. We caught up with keyboardist, Graham Wright. Your previous band never quite hit the same heights that Tokyo Police Club already have in a comparatively short period of time. What are the fundamental differences between the two bands? ‘Our last band was a five-piece. Our buddy Will was the lead singer and Dave played bass. The other band was more of an alt-rock kind of band’. There’s a frenetic energy to the TPC sound. Like you guys are always rushing to the next song before the last one barely had a chance to get going. Are attention spans really that short these days? ‘They are. We like to get in and get out!’ What are your enduring memories of recording the debut album, Elephant Shell — was it a fun experience or was business as usual, get in and get it done? ‘It was fun. A bit stressful at times. When we made the EP, we had only three days to record and mix. This time around we had a few months to get it right. We are thrilled with how it came out!’ Has living and playing in Ontario shapes the Tokyo Police Club sound, or could you have sprung from anywhere and still gelled in the same way and played with the same energy? ‘We never thought of ourselves as a Ontario band, like Broken Social Scene, Stars, Metric, and so on. They are all a lot older than us. People actually mistake us for a Brooklyn band a lot of times’.

Listen to the Tokyo Police Club song. In A Cave.