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Resin Dogs

We’re big fans of the funk-hip hop hybrid that characterises the sound of Brisbane group, Resin Dogs. They’ve been around for twelve years now, so we thought it was time we caught up with Dave Atkins — one half of the group — for a chat as they prepare to enter the studio to lay down tracks for a new album with Britney Spears’ producer. Wait a minute! Britney’s producer? Any chance she’ll pop in for a guest vocal? ‘Who knows what will happen. She does only live down the road. If the opportunity does arise I wouldn’t turn it down. Who knows what could come out of something like that — especially for two cats from Australia. Remember she did have people believing in her from the start and it’s all media hype. We all know by the time it gets to them the real story is long lost’.

With all the distractions around the studio in Malibu, any chance nothing will actually be recorded? ‘No chance at all. We are well prepped for it and have a sack full of new tunes to go and work on. There is no reason at all to waste an opportunity like this. The only distraction for us would be which studio to record in and what gear we use next’.

Tell us more about the new management deal for Resin Dogs in India. Is hip hop catching on over there? ‘The management deal is basically a three year deal we signed, which will see us tour India in October. The vibe is super positive and we have already been presented with two separate contracts: one for licensing and one for a three album recording deal. Hip hop is really taking off over there as it has been every where else in the world. I think the target audience is around 356 million, which is not bad, all things considered’.