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Fariel Shafee

This artwork by Fariel Shafee hangs in my mind like a wondrous symbol of everything I’ve ever imagined pure hedonism to be. Of the piece, he says: ‘It is, like many of my other pieces, a dream fragment, or a representation of mental image parts, sliced from different frames, and placed together to portray an emotion at a certain time. This, in particular, is a mental landscape, where a person (the semi-transparent figure standing between the hand and the image of the face) finds herself in a composition of chopped up memories and feelings, placed together. The color blue is heavily used to create a dreamlike environment. The large hand and the wall in the back symbolize inhibitions, the lighted up face hopes, and the pink and blue dots at the top reflect the flow of a lifted spirit maintained in a wide world represented by a huge field and a few green trees. In a single frame, all these images are juxtaposed to produce an idea of being or consciousness that contains bits of all these simultaneously’.

fariel shafee