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Hello, Blue Roses

I stumbled across the Hello, Blue Roses track, My Shadow Falls, the other week and it set my ears alight, this subtle but beautiful song and its cascading melodic line which will at once ingrain yourself in your inner-ear iPod and then disappear out the other end, leaving only the sweetest of memories. I spoke with Sidney, one half of the group: You’re called Sydney and I’m from Sydney. Have you been yet? It would seem to be destiny to do so.
‘Nice to meet you. I have never been to your Sydney, maybe one day. My dad went once, and my cousin was born there. My dad brought back some Sydney paraphernalia like a giant pencil and an “I love Sydney” sticker, because there was a real dearth of that, as you may imagine, growing up in Canada — very few Sydney stickers and giant Sydney pencils. I was also obsessed with the Sydney Opera House and had a postcard of it up in my room forever. When the Sydney Summer Olympics happened, I had my own Sydney Summer Games at my apartment. It was a way to meet people because I had just moved to Montreal. But we played this terribly uncomfortable game called psychiatrist first and ninety percent of the new not quite never to be friends left. I have hats, and knapsacks, and t-shirts from that event’.
You dabble in art and music. Where’s the connection between your two creative pursuits?
‘I think it’s normal for creative people to move between modes of expression, or fields. I think maybe artists are more omnivorous in that respect, which is why almost everyone I know who makes art has also made or makes music, or writes plays or has some latent desire to. Some people are super focused or unilateral about their field, but I bet if you scratch a little into any musician’s life, they at one point had an affinity or aptitude for another art, like drawing or photography or film. Creative people tend to be more open to trying shit out. I think there would be a lot more overlap if artists and musicians weren’t constantly busting their balls trying to make ends meet, trying to make a go of it. They are forced to choose where to spend the time and energy. Those other paths don’t necessarily go away though, I think they tend to linger and follow, and once in awhile you take off in another direction. I don’t have any heroes or heroines who do both, I just kind of assume that the artists and musicians I like have other secret creative lives, or other creative potential’

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