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Ambulance Ltd

Several years after they disbanded, one of indie rock’s brightest sparks — Ambulance Ltd — are back. During their hiatus, some members went onto form New York group Red Romance, while mainman Marcus Congleton moved to Los Angeles, where he worked with John Cale on a yet unreleased album. We spoke with Congleton on the eve of the band’s East Coast tour of America and asked him how he feels about relocating back to New York: ‘It’s easier to live and work, practice, and record in LA cause space is cheaper. But I’d rather pay way too much for a tiny room on a loud street in New York. I feel better when there’s cafes and shops open at all hours of the night’. What did the experience of working with John Cale teach you about songwriting, and what do you think you taught him? ‘Working with JC taught me to be prepared going into the studio. I didn’t have much of a plan to begin with and just kind of hoped things would work out. Unfortunately, I taught him not to work with TVT Records’. [catch Ambulance Ltd in New York on April 11]