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LA’s Suru store

What’s silver, shiny and has a revolving shirt rack like at the cleaners? Suru is a store on Melrose in Los Angeles started by Joe Hahn of Linkin Park catering to the most discriminating t-shirt fan and art collector. I had the opportunity to stop by there on my drive back to San Francisco on Saturday in support of Mike Boo and Dstyles, who played music for Dez Einswell’s opening there this weekend. I rarely say this, but Suru is the answer. If you’re in LA and want a nice shirt designed by one of my favorite artists like Aya Kato, a painting by Dez Einzwell, or a custom toy made in Joe Hahn’s honor, stop by check their range of products out. It was probably the first time I enjoyed myself at an art show in the city of Lost Angels. Not only that, but all the people there were some of the most friendly I’ve met down that way.
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