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The Stitch Ministry

Cool name, even cooler clothes. Apparently Karen Walker isn’t the only good thing about New Zealand’s fashion scene. There’s also Jason Gitmans (of Gitmans Knitwear) and Kylee Davis of The Stitch Ministry. This label is only in its second year and has already produced three stellar collections. Beginning with The Pallbearers (Winter 07), and then following up with Lolita and the Serpent Man (Summer 07/08), and now, their latest, Wild Ones (Winter 08). There are strong narratives and a cohesive thread running through these clothes. Composed of dark fabrics with hints of colour, and creative lines that would be flattering on any body shape, this label is most definitely a keeper. The good news is, not only are retailers falling over themselves to stock them, but there’s also an online shop with a clearance section from the older lines.