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Cut Copy interview

Melbourne’s Cut Copy is the hottest electro act out of Australia right now. We spoke to Mitchell Scott from the group to get the lowdown on their musical highground. Long live the 80s huh! Where would we be without fluro colours, synths and poppy chorus hooks. Any oft-neglected trend from that decade you think should be brought back in? ‘Polystyrene packaging, smoking on planes, slap bracelets, wearing just one glove, Ghostbusters’. Does Melbourne still have a dynamic creative scene? ‘I think it really does — there’s no shortage of people in Melbourne doing amazingly cool things creatively, whether it’s music, art, fashion, or design. There’s a lot going on. Also, for music, there are a million venues, so bands have places to play’. How was the album artwork conceptualised? ‘When we came to thinking about the album cover art, we wanted something photographic, rather than creating graphics. However, we also wanted something that was a bit colourful, a bit strange and that would be striking and interesting to look at. So we came up with the idea of photographing ourselves and then projecting the photos onto ourselves with colours and lights also projected. We ended up really pleased with the end result. And we’ve got some pretty cool plans for how the CD cover gets manufactured, which should be cool if it turns out how we hope’.

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