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Band of Outsiders

Ben Lee upped the label a while back, but Band of Outsiders is still probably the best label you’ve never heard of. They’ve had celebrity endorsements from the likes of Steve Buscemi and Jason Schwartzmann, been featured in Vogue, GQ and In Style and are a prominent feature of the Opening Ceremony store. And yet, they seem to be remain steadily under the radar. If, like me, you haven’t been able to get enough of the old world varsity trend, then you are going to love the dressed down sartorialism of this collection. Skinny ties are worn loose, tailored jacket unbuttoned, high tops make frequent appearances. The whole collection is a modern and rugged take on the one of the greatest historical styles in menswear, and in a season dominated by high level Gatsby, a clear standout. Their website styled as a Polaroid Photography Blog is a must see.