Van She’s Kelly

Australian band Van She had a cultish hit single a little while back with their synth-pop track Kelly. The voyeuristic film clip was simple enough — girls called Kelly kissing boys — but it was strangely beguiling. We asked the guys where the creative inspiration for the clip came from: ‘We worked on that video with a friend of ours who has a really strong style in terms of Grading and set plotting and location spotting, a style which was perfect for the song Kelly. At the time we were, and still are, really in to movies like the Breakfast Club, Virgin Suicides, and anything that has that lost sense of nostalgia’. ‘I think Kelly is such a poppy song and is really optimistic, so we thought Nicholas Randall would be perfect for that sense of confused, elated and warm nostalgia. And, yes, we auditioned about 200 girls called Kelly and found the cutest, most normal yet quirky bunch for the video and asked them to bring someone they want to kiss in the video. Mikey and I were at a club once after we shot it and this guy came running up to us and with a huge smile on his face and hugged us both and said, “Thank you so much! You don’t understand. I have wanted to kiss my friend all of my life and finally got to because of your video”. That for me was the best reaction to the song Kelly we could have ever hoped for’.