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bluejuice interview

With one of the biggest singles of 2007 — Vitriol — and consistently amazing live shows, bluejuice are bright sparks on the Sydney music scene. With their Australian tour beginning soon, we put some questions to Stav, one of two vocalists in the group: Tell us about how you guys got started? ‘Jamie, Ned and Jake all went to school together and the former two had played in bands together before. Jerry is a killer keys player from the Blue Mountains and was looking for bands to play with as he’d just moved to Sydney and I kind of fell into the band. We started off as a five-piece playing free Sunday night jam sessions at the Three Monkeys in Sydney until we got replaced by a Neil Diamond covers band. Ick!’ A bad bluejuice show is like Santa or the Easter Bunny. A myth. How do you guys manage to deliver killer live sets every time? ‘Well, I don’t think we quite do killer shows every time, but we certainly give all of our guts every time. We’ll go as hard as possible until we’re basically about to sweat to death. But if it does go wrong, there’s every possibility that a guy called Scott from Glebe will write a spiteful letter into [local free music magazine] Drum Media calling you “possibly the worst and most pointless band Australia has ever produced”. Finally, some passionate people!’ Vitriol was one of the biggest songs in Australia during 2007. Did you know all along it would be so well received? ‘I knew it would be a single from that album but I had no idea it would go nuts for us like that. It’s pretty insane’.