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Princess One Point Five: Vous Je Vous

Princess One Point Five is the brainchild of Melbourne based singer-songwriter Sarah-Jane Wentzki, in collaboration with partner Richard Andrew. With Wentzki’s gloriously fragile and emotionally charged vocals, not dissimilar to the Blaskos or New Buffalos of the Australian songstress circle, P1.5 (as she is affectionately known) creates a unique hybrid of achingly poetic underground avant-pop, gently sprinkled with the post-modern indie aesthetic. Lolita provides a unique cinematic experience, sampling the accordion-infused influence of The Dresden Dolls with the same panache, but far less flamboyance. With haunting string arrangements, masterful lyrics and polished melodies, it is no surprise that Sarah-Jane evokes comparisons to all the female artists who bravely explore their ‘pop-chanteuse’ persona.