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Our Legacy’s Swing of the Pendulum

Much like layers, when it comes to menswear, Old World Gatsby never really goes out of fashion. All tapered straight leg pants, boat shoes and fitted cardigans, ‘The Swing of the Pendulum’ collection by Our Legacy is one of the best uses of old money style I’ve seen. And just adding to the charm of the clothes is the story that goes behind them, a narrative of an Oxford boy travelling to Paris to be appropriately impoverished and intellectual and where, his stylised clothes get all ‘rough around the edges’. That clothes are only as good as the life that they’ve travelled through is really a cornerstone of the way that fashion translates to the real world, whether it’s the wearing in of shoes, the just washed fit of jeans or the thumbholes in a sweater, a sense of style if all about the way that they’ve changed by the person who wears them.