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Paris Fashion Week

If the juggernaut of fashion weeks were a high school, then Paris would be the popular kid. Beautiful, snobby and maybe a little bit of a slut, she puts on a good show, but rarely surprises. Luckily for Paris, layering, structure and tactile fabric never really go out of fashion. Aside from the usual, there was the deliciously creepy Devastee, designers Ophelie Klere and Francois Alary developing an amazing gift for clothing design out of a love for cemeteries and indifference to fashion. Their Sweeney Todd high school ensembles in black, white and blood red would be a marauding preppy armies dream. The spinning trend wheel has also thrown up another healthy and welcome dose of everyone’s favourite androgyny, this season’s take ranging from the uber-sophisticated Bruno Pieters to the Stateside Isabel Marant.