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London Fashion Week

It is utterly exhausting to follow London Fashion Week. The designers there tend to be a different breed; more risks, greater tragedies, bigger rewards. Like a rampaging herd of wild buffalo they rip through the city trampling trends, expectations and many people’s will to live. Things to fear for the next season include a resurgence in shoulder pads and general unflattering power padding, stunning dresses ripped (no doubt on the buffalo horns) into quasi art school fashion major pieces and tiny, inefficient jackets. London gets cold, so expect to see a lot of people with frozen kidney’s should the impractical micro jacket take off. Things to lust over include giant lapels, the brilliant coupling of structure and knitwear and the long awaited return of the almighty cape. Put it all together and you have a padded superhero fresh from a fight with a giant mechanical razor blade.