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San Francisco’s Muni cars

My town is one of foghorns at five am, the smell of salty air and the sound of seagulls, Peets coffee, steep hills and die hard fans and loyalists. For those of us who have been here in San Francisco for some time now, we know all the secret gems of this small city — from Clarion Alley, to Army Street, from Irving to Broadway. Sometimes, though, although the city is only 7×7 miles, we forget and need to be reminded about the vintage bell-ringing trolley-cars, the custom painted houses with bay windows, and a bridge that is painted a beautiful venetian red every day of the year. Lucky for us we have the What I’m Seeing website to take us all back and give us a visual petit-four of San Francisco. My favorite was the recent post about the old Muni cars, which is the local’s way to get around the city.

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