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Interview with Tilly and The Wall

How could you not like Tilly and The Wall? Any band with a tap dancing drummer and a name that refers to the most bland of inanimate objects is alright by us. We spoke with Kianna from the group to get the lowdown. It’s been an interesting journey for you since that first open mic night all those years ago. What were you playing that night and how did the set go down with the audience? ‘I barely remember what we were playing! Probably a couple of the songs that ended up on Woo! Yeah, and the audience was basically made up of a bunch of nu metal types. We mostly got blank stares! Nick also didn’t own a keyboard stand at that point and played sitting down on the floor. We were, and still are, totally ghetto!’ Have you ever heard the Gorodisch song Omaha? What are your thoughts on the city and the creative scene there? ‘I personally have never even heard of that person or band! That means nothing though, I never did have my finger on the pulse of people. My thoughts on the city? Home, family, friends, affordable, supportive, weird, incestuous creative scene’. Is there any precedence that you know of for a tap dancer in a pop group? ‘We have heard of some random things, but nothing that set a precedence for us. We only heard of these things much later, after forming’. What was David Letterman like to meet? ‘We didn’t really get to meet David Letterman any more than what was seen live after we played. He didn’t come down and meet us in our room or anything, nor did he hang out afterwards. But meeting all of his crew and staff was wonderful! They were all so sweet and supportive! Also, Paul Shaffer and his band were all SO nice to us!’ What can we expect on the next record? Any clues as to what lies ahead? ‘The next record will sound a little rougher at times and a little classic Tilly at times. We tried to find a place somewhere between the lo-fi aspect of our first stuff and the more polished sound of the last record. As with the other records, there are slow jams and dance jams and it will also include some that are a little more rockin’ I think. The only clues I can give are ones that I’m aware of. That consists of more touring and meeting people everywhere we go! I couldn’t ask for more’.