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Sweeney Todd

A brooding, psychotic Johnny Depp slitting throats against one of Tim Burton’s most macabre backdrop’s to date should be all the encouragement anyone needs. The music might discourage some, but it’s so well integrated with painstakingly constructed sets, costumes and fine performances that it only adds to the experience. Depp’s softly spoken-sung lyrics convey palpable emotion, while all the actors display exceptional vocal talents. Sparing comedy moments including a sparkling cameo from Sascha Baren Cohen, as well as evil perfectly portrayed by Alan Rickman as Judge Turpin, ensure it’s a well-rounded film. Buckets of blood and a high body count don’t hurt either. The best musical to film adaptation in recent memory. Maybe in an Alien vs Predator inspired sequel, Depp could slice through the cast of Grease 2 or Hairspray. But then again, that’s probably just wishful thinking.