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Chu Keng Fu of Fudesign has an interesting view of the world. It is a warped, colourful place, invaded by aliens, monsters and robots. Hailing from Taiwan, FU, as he prefers to be called, is trying to make sense of the world he inhabits. ‘I am from Taiwan, a beautiful island. Although the place is too crowded, everything is wonderful. There are many 24-hours convenient stores located on every corner. Taiwan has the most delicious food in the world, and it is cheap’. Using a wide range of software to develop his illustrations, FU is blurring the line between the tricky areas of traditional illustration and graphic design. Falling somewhere in between has been of no hindrance, however, and FU is widely regarded as being one of the leading illustrators in his field. At first, the reason I created my website was just to show some of my artworks. Then it got many awards from all over the world. I received so much encouragement, which has given me the power to keep on creating’. Fu’s designs are colourful and dreamlike, and almost shiny in their texture. They tell the tale of the world in perhaps the not-so-distant future: ‘Colour is the most important feature in my illustrations. I prefer using simple lines and colours showing diverse subjects, especially the interesting scenes combined with old scenery and high-tech of the future. There are often some giant robots, spacecrafts shuttling, enormous smoke, or weapons and explosions in my illustrations. I hope every image of my work could leave an infinite space for the viewers’ imagination, and that they could also connect the interaction between the characters and the stories of my works’. Fu has drawn the attention of a number of major clients, and has been awarded a number of awards for his cutting edge illustrations. FU is philosophical about the tools he employs to create his mini worlds: ‘Software is just a tool. No matter what tool use to create my artworks, it is more important to be able to express my feeling in my illustration’.