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Another Brooklyn band (we’re not being sponsored, I assure you), MGMT are following hot on the heels of Yeasayer and Vampire Weekend as the third party to a hub of bands pouring out catchy, melodic and highly original work. The sheer size of MGMT’s sound — as evidenced in the single, Time To Pretend is conjured through duelling guitars and synthesisers, mastered during the early electronica shows that laid the foundations for the current line-up. At the core of MGMT are two guys who cite mystical paganism, the Incredible String Band and chaos theory as key influences: a decent enough bedrock for their climactic, near-psychedelic songs. Their pending album, Oracular Spectacular, is a mix of beguiling keyboard hooks and simple acoustic-based pieces, and while the lead singer’s voice is one we’ve all heard before, its wild, Bowie-esque, twang is clearly punctuated by his background as a performance art provocateur. Thus, the glam sound is a touch cheesy and clichéd, but given the music world’s current yearning for just that (see Black Kids, Of Montreal), these guys are sure-fire contributors.

Listen to the MGMT song, Electric Feel.