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Musically, Duffy, fits loosely into the ‘soul’ bracket, although the diverse talent strutting across her work makes it hard to truly categorise. Comparisons are most commonly drawn with Dusty Springfield: her voice is distinctive and astonishingly powerful, soaring out of the speakers and injecting the listener with a sense of nostalgia and longing. This is in part driven by the lo-fi production — courtesy of ex-Suede guitarist, Bernard Butler — which gives a timeless quality to the 23-year-old Welsh singer-songwriter’s music that both harks back to the pre-rock era, and yet feels perfectly at home in 2008. Rockferry [above], her first single, is laden with imagery and atmosphere. The song centres on the hackneyed story of broken love — incorporating elements of folk, country, blues and soul — yet is delivered in a mature and distinguished fashion: incredibly haunting yet lasting, and likely to stay in your head for a good while after.