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Qube Konstrukt’s Consort

I had the pleasure of working with the talented peeps at Melbourne-based design studio Qube Konstrukt on my magazine, Riot, a couple of years back. They magnificently brought to life the content of the magazine with their beautiful art direction, displaying a genuine sensitively for and inherent appreciation of the work of the artists, photographers and musicians that we featured each issue. So it was with real excitement that I recently browsed their first self-published book — Consort — a portfolio of sorts that displays excerpts of work from their lengthening catalog of finely executed projects. The book and its accompanying DVD capture the first five years in the studio’s existence and is available for purchase through the Qube Konstrukt website. Given my association with the studio, I was particularly interested in their collection of print work. I love the way they transition from edgy, futuristic graphics to softer illustration and font based work without sacrificing the unique visual identity they bring to each new brief. It’s exceptional work, and all from an Australian design team with a distinctly international approach.