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Ra Ra Riot

Syracuse group Ra Ra Riot call their sound ‘healing’ and ‘easy listening’. Others have labeled them as Nu Wave. Whatever. We spoke with Alexandra from the band to get the lowdown: ‘Whenever we are asked by strangers, like the security people at airports, we always say we’re ‘rock n’ roll’. We might even throw in a ‘baby!’ at the end of that. But really, I would think that it is rock. Who knows? All those approaches to music are so blended and you can really justify any one of them to fit your band. How about post-booyeah rock?’ The album artwork is beautiful. Yet very dark. It might scare the kiddies, no? ‘Kids love kitty cats. They appeal to little girls, and what little boy doesn’t think a panther is cool?’ Create a bill from any acts past and present and insert yourself into it. Where are you playing, who is it with, and which act would have the most demanding rider? ‘Ok. We are playing at Iceland Airwaves with Tokyo Police Club and Radiohead; Feist too. How about instead of most demanding I say that all of us have cute fuzzy animals to play with after the show’.

Listen to the Ra Ra Riot song, Dying Is Fine.