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Professional socialites aside, anyone who has traveled solo or rolled up to a party alone knows how daunting it can be to strike up a real conversation. Enter the HoboHookah, a pipe that turns liquor — and other types of bottles — into hookahs. Its inventors, two guys from America, both spent time living in the Middle East and picked up on the considerable hookah culture there. Upon returning to the US they decided to design a hookah to fit in with their western culture. And out popped the first hookah built to ‘travel far and party hard’. While other hookahs are generally pretty breakable or quite cumbersome, this hookah is compact (about 30cm long), light (about 1kg), and fits a variety of bottles. I rocked one atop a 1L Absolut Razz bottle (filled with water, not the precious vodka of course) and it tasted just as delicious and pulled even easier than the traditional hookahs at my favorite lounge. I’m told they’ve also been smoked on bases ranging from a 38L wine casket to a water bottle 4000 meters up a mountain, both of which sound pretty glorious.