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Poco Dolce chocolates

This time of year, the office is invariably inundated with tins of shiny, wrapped chocolate from stationery suppliers and courier companies. Now, I am not one of those ‘I just love chocolate at my desk’ kind of people, though I will happily reach for whatever’s nearby while at work. But these grey sea salt-chrystalled ‘tiles’ have caught everyone unawares. Dark to the point of blindness and embellished with fine crusts of salt flakes and spices, they leave a warm, almost reddening flavour in your throat and seem to satisfy the mid-afternoon need for the sweet and the savoury. Packaged in a sophisticated and simple royal blue, as if a jewel, Poco Dolce chocolates are neither fussy nor complicated, rather a solid and — dare I say it — thoughtful chocolate. One is never quite enough. [see also In’t Veld chocolate and read about the new Nestle factory outside of Paseo Tollocan]