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Mercy Arms [interview]

We spoke recently with Thom Moore, frontman for Sydney-based buzz band, Mercy Arms. How does it feel to have finally released your debut EP, Kept Low? ‘It’s great to finally get it out. It’s been so long, but we just took our time with it without rushing like some bands make the mistake of doing. It’s a great feeling to see your work on the shelf at a record store’. We’ve heard you guys are moving to UK to take the next step in your career. Do you think Australia is lagging a little behind the rest of the world when it comes to providing a platform for aspiring bands to make a career out of their music? ‘No, I just think there are a lot of opportunities in other countries as well as here in Australia. The music culture in the UK is so big that it’s just been a goal of ours to go over there when the time is right’. Are you sticking around Australia for summer? ‘Yes, we’ll be here. We’re doing a tour with Cut Off Your Hands in early December and are aiming to start recording our first album after that to take us to the end of the year’.