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The Grates [interview]

We spoke with Patience, lead singer of Australian band The Grates, about the new album the group are in the process of writing. The debut Grates album — Gravity Won’t Get You High — saw you guys catapulted onto stages across the world. Where could this next one possibly take you? ‘To the moon! Hopefully. Actually, we toured constantly on our last album, and really put everything we had into it, but didn’t get many opportunities to tour outside of USA, UK and Australia. Earlier this year I went on a holiday to Tokyo and fell in love with it. I would love to tour there — and buy toys there!’ The production on the last album was quite sparse. Any clues as to whether the new one will be a lush affair as stripped back as we’ve come to expect? ‘I’ve never thought of our production on GWGYH as being sparse. When I think of sparse sounding albums I’m thinking more about White Stripes, The Gossip, and We Are Scientists. The production on our last album was warm and polite with a little room but no real space. The song Trampoline probably reflect writing style the most because that song really was just guitar, drums and vocals but a lot of the other songs have multiple keyboards & guitars filling out the sound. As for the album we’re writing currently, I expect a more robust, deeper, sincere sounding record. Crunchier, durable but whimsical and feminine all the same time. With no strings!’ After all your travels of the past year, is there anywhere that you’ve been to that beats being back home in Australia? ‘Every place has it’s own charm, and everywhere is so different from Brisbane that only being in Brisbane is like being in Brisbane to me, but being in New York City really does help make not being in Brisbane very easy!’

Listen to The Grates track, 19-20-20.