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Black Lips

Oh yeah, there’s nothing quite like an anthemic chorus, the kind of chorus that wraps itself firmly around your ears and refuses to budge. Not for anything, or anyone (not even for a thirty second snippet from a Morrissey outtake). Atlanta, Georgia band, Black Lips know that. Which is why they’ve written one of the finest musical and lyrical hooks for their song Bad Kids. Under an incessant guitar riff they wail on their peers: ‘Bad Kids, all my friends are bad kids’. Indeed. There’s a sweet ring to that. And a sweet ring to the album too. It’s called Good Bad, Not Evil and, thanks to our friends at Speak N Spell, we have five copies of it to give away to randomly selected entrants who make up a spicy line or two around the lyrical theme of ‘Bad kids …’ Entries close December 10. Go on, give it to your mates. We know you want to.

Listen to Bad Kids by Black Lips.