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Janine Wurfel

Melbourne-based illustrator and designer Janine Wurfel has a wonderful, flowing style which never seems regimented or restricted by the parameters of excessive detail, as she readily admits. ‘I usually spend some time researching an idea, a song lyric or story’, she says. ‘This then leads into non-linear explorations. Mostly when it flows naturally, I get completely enveloped in the story I’m drawing. My illustrations are really just refined and extended doodles’. Broadly speaking, do you see any differences in the illustration styles from around the world? ‘Personally I see differences and similarities less in broad cultural terms, more so in individual backgrounds and interests. So illustrators interested in street culture from America and Australia may have styles more similar than illustrators in their own countries. I think cultures with a rich heritage, like Japan, can definitely have an influence on style though’. Does Melbourne still excite you? ‘Yes, although it has lost a little of it’s initial spark, obviously due to learning the street names and not getting lost anymore. After just being to America for a few weeks, I’m definitely more inspired about Melbourne — just how rich it is creatively and the fact that there is constantly new things to discover’. Who are some illustrators – past and present – whose work you love? ‘Aubrey Beardsley, Milton Glaser, Aya Kato, Sam Weber, Mike Perry, and many of the stunning science fiction matt paintings from the 70s’.