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Innaway on Brian Jonestown Massacre

Who said psychedelica died with Jerry Garcia? Southern Californian band, Innaway, resurrected the art when they formed back in 2001 and have since toured with the trainwreck that is Brian Jonestown Massacre and 80s pop fugitives, Echo & The Bunnyman, amongst others. We spoke with guitarist Barry Fader and asked him about the constant comparisons they get with vintage rock veterans Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin: ‘Yeah. I’d say we’re tired of that. We all like those two bands but so does almost everyone else who plays or listens to the type of music we play. Being compared to Pink Floyd and Zeppelin is a very general comparison given that almost every rock band with some big riffs and some spacey stuff going on is indebted to both of those bands somehow; whether they want to be or not’. How was the recent tour with Brian Jonestown Massacre? ‘It was great, and definitely an adventure on a nightly basis. There were some altercations, but none involving us. The crowds were awesome — open-minded and very much the type that could get into our sound. Of course, most of them didn’t know who we were at all, but after a couple songs they would warm up to us. I’ll admit that we were all somewhat apprehensive about how the tour would go down after watching the Dig! documentary, but Anton and the rest of the band were very cool. He stuck up for us a couple times when the sound guys at the clubs wouldn’t give us any attention and I saw him sitting behind my amp, rocking out to our set a few times. Jim even got up and sang with them when Anton’s voice went out in Dallas. We also got to know BJM member, Rob Campanella, very well and who is now recording our new album’. What’s the story behind your band artwork? ‘Well, Jesse Parrotti, who did the artwork on a single we released, is a great visual artist who works with several types of mediums. He did a watercolor-based piece for the cover that is insane. It was so cool that we pressed a two song single onto 12″ vinyl just to enhance the cover art. He’ll be doing our new album art as well’.

Listen to the Innaway song, Rise.