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Mike Nelson at Creative Time

Entering Mike Nelson’s exhibition in a dilapidated garage on New York’s Lower East Side, I’m signing a release form exempting Creative Time from any responsibility should I be injured, or die, while checking out ‘A Psychic Vacuum’. I was curious to see what socio-cultural hotpot he was gonna stir, but after signing that, I’m totally seduced, just by the potential danger of it all. Racy it may seem, but the ensuing exhibition is about as sexy as Dubya in a garter belt. Though it manages to arouse more than a few dust reactive sneezes, digging up buried fears of a global apocalypse that feels far too close right now. Known for his large-scale architectural installations, Nelson’s turned an irrelevant warehouse-like space into a haunted house of hard cultural truths tackling American values, religion, and war in its spookiest caverns. Nelson’s installations are fleeting, this experience ends October 28.