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Aesop Base

Aesop’s signature space in Fitzroy, Melbourne, looks amazing, we’ve got the word on how and why. Why was Gabriel Garcia Marquez chosen as the featured author? ‘There are literary giants and then there are writers like Gabriel Garcia Marquez, whose talents redefine not only the genres they choose to work within but what’s possible in literature as a whole. The fact that his work has transcended his own language and culture has also prompted our decision to pay homage’. Aesop’s alternative beauty products promote wellbeing. How does the display of Seventeen Poisoned Englishmen reflect Aesop’s love for balance and wellbeing? ‘At Aesop we often make reference to writing that inspires us. We encourage daily consumption of selective, intelligent reading matter as an important way to learn and feed your imagination. The internet does offer access to good content, and Slate is an example of a site we visit daily, but the intimate act of reading a book should not be forgotten. If our display of Seventeen Poisoned Englishmen encourages a little more quality book reading, and perhaps introduces some clients to the brilliance of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, we will be very pleased’.