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A name by any other rose

A lot of people have asked us where the name Lost At E Minor comes from and what the phrase implies. Well, several years ago I came across a compilation of obscure electro music called Famous When Dead, which is off the commendably experimental German label, Playhouse. One of the tracks on the album was by the production duo, Light Fantastic, and was titled Lost At C Minor. It’s an awesome song which weaves and winds its way through several distinct melodic changes. Anyway, the name kinda stuck in my head. There was something quite beautiful about the symbolism of being lost in a minor key world. C Minor is an interesting chord, but being a musician with an ear for the melancholic, I’ve long thought that E Minor was the most evocative and honest of the keys – haunting, endearing, a little sombre, yet strangely uplifting. So when we were brainstorming a name for this website and newsletter that would showcase all the magnificent cultural things that we love, the name Lost At E Minor leapt out just like the song had done the first time I heard it. It captures the immediacy of the moment but also hints at the depth of those that we feature. But above all, it’s about total immersion in this artistic, creative world we seek to create where anything is truly possible. [illustration by Sam Weber]