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Christopher Denny

Arkansas songwriter Christopher Denny’s music has been described as being ‘a heartfelt homage to the country music of the Deep South’ [Prefix mag]. He sings with a majestic, distinctive voice, weaving aching melodies around Gospel infused instrumentation. We interviewed him and started off by asking him, given his religious upbringing, how influenced he’s been by church music: ‘I love old gospel music, though it was seldom used in the church I was playing in at a young age. I’m not interested in genres; religious or un-religious, country or not, rock or not, and so on. I don’t remember what formed my musical taste. Music to me has always been more of a feeling. Who knows, maybe they are sparks from a past life?’ The album strikes the listener in the same way as listening to a Jeff Buckley album for the first time. There’s a jarring, emotional quality to it. Are you generally in a sombre, introspective mood when you write and record? ‘I believe it is possible that the word that describes me, during this process, is just the opposite. It is possible that the best words are overjoyed and reborn. Every song is a rebirth or evolution in discovering what I am. We are born in different places on earth, but we all have the option of creating beauty’.

Listen to the Christopher Denny song, Time.