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London-based indie-prog group Klaxons take their name from the Greek word ‘to shriek’. We interviewed vocalist and keyboardist, Jamie Righton, and asked him why, unlike many of their contemporaries, none of them grew up to become great footballers: ‘Me and Simon are from Stratford-upon-Avon and the only famous footballer to ever come from there is Gary Barnett! Jamie’s from Bournemouth and there are even less from there. I was asked to play for the Tottenham Hotspur Legends and Celebrities team in a new Sky TV programme but it clashes with our US tour. Gutted’. How important was the push that BBC Radio’s Steve Lamacq gave that first single? ‘Lamacq, Zane Lowe and NME were all massive helps in launching us in the UK. If they’re into you, then you’re well on the way, but if they’re not, you’re a bit screwed. Luckily for us they’ve been supporters from day one’. Apparently HMV have labelled you ‘acid-rave sci-fi punk-funk’. What the hell does that mean and are you suing them for defamation? ‘You’d have to ask them. We’re not suing them. They sell our record and we love them’. The album title Myths of the Near Future has a Mike Oldfield-like dramaticism to it. What’s the most significant myth you think we’re all swallowing right now? ‘Myths… is the title of a JG Ballard short story and the most significant myth of the moment is that there is a barbecue at Simon’s house to celebrate the end of the world. Put 12.12.12 in your diary’.

Listen to Klaxons track, Gravity Rainbow (Van She’s remix) and watch the video to their song, Atlantis to Interzone.