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The Lost Boys

New York-based retro lovers unite, especially the world-weary 80s tragics amongst you. The second installment of my monthly 1980s themed night at Williamsburg’s Monkey Town is on next Tuesday night [September 4]. It’s a movie and music night, celebrating that gloriously kitsch and devastatingly over the top decade when computers were friendly, nerdy was cool, and all any self-respecting teenager ever really wanted was a crush on a cute girl and a bag of mixed sweets. The movie to be screened this time around will be 1987’s The Lost Boys, starring one of the two Coreys who seemed to rear their heads in every flick of that time. It’ll be followed by a set of awesome 80s tunes from DJ The Fists of Sonny Choo — playing a rollicking set of New Romantic finery from Bronski Beat, Falco, The Cure …

Listen to Safety Dance by Men Without Hats.