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Oh man! Even more music for numbers

This is week two of our big subscriber drive. As we noted in our earlier post, we really want more people to check into the site and sign up to the newsletter, and to encourage you to spread the word, we have a stack of CDs to give away. And when I say a stack, I mean a wobbling, teetering stack. The grand prize, which will be dished out to one lucky, randomly selected winner, comes courtesy of our good friends at Universal Music [check the list of albums at the bottom of this post]. On top of this, for the next two weeks, we’ll also be giving away new Basement Digs / Stones Throw releases thanks to our good friends at Creative Vibes to randomly selected people who help to spread the good word. Let’s face it … sharing really is caring. To be in with a chance of winning, please forward any post on the Lost At E Minor site onto a group of your friends with a suggestion that they check in to see more content like it and then leave a comment under that post with an indication of how many people you sent it to. It can be any post on the site. The message you leave under the post can be as simple as: ‘Chris – 18’. The more the merrier! And just know … sniff … that you will always have a warm and fuzzy place in our hearts for supporting us. Sweet.

Grand prize: new Universal album releases from Patrick Wolf [The Magic Position]; Klaxons [Myths of the Near Future]; Bumblebeez [Prince Umberto and the Sister of Ill]; New Young Pony Club [Fantastic Playroom]; Blaqk Audio [CexCells]; Feist [The Reminder]; and Amy Winehouse [Back to Black], all courtesy of Universal Music.

Spot prizes: new Basement Digs / Stones Throw releases, including Chrome Children 2, Bumps, YNQ’s Yesterdays Universe, Now Again (Re)Sounds, Oh No Instrumental, Percee P, and Madlib’s Beat Konducta.