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Los Campesinos!

We caught up with Gareth from our favorite Welsh tunesters, Los Campesinos!: ‘You! Me! Dancing!has to be the catchiest damn song ever written. What do you recall about the writing process behind that track? ‘It started out as a demo at about a third of the speed, recorded solely by Tom and with a sample of perhaps a Spanish girl singing a nursery rhyme over the top. Then Tom recorded an epic 7 or so minute version of the track which I wrote lyrics for. Then it became a full band song I guess, with everything else being filled in at practices’. I love the Mirror Ball on the Sticking Fingers (not Sticky Fingers) cover. Whose idea was it and do you all long for a return to 70s styled disco hedonism? ‘Maybe not disco hedonism, but hedonism generally I think. LC! are fans of pretty colours and shiney things in general, and discoballs may be the master of that, so they’re cool by us’. Your song titles are always so elaborate. What happened to the good old days when bands would call their songs ‘Sweet Dreams’ or ‘Blue’? ‘Basically, I have zero musical ability, so take great pride in coming up with ridiculous titles in order to make my mark on the song. I think I’d be more tempted to listen to something with a fun or unusual title than I would something totally generic. I hope to reach Panic! At The Disco levels of awesomedom one day’.