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Patrick Wolf

Exclusive interview with English singer-songwriter, Patrick Wolf: You grew up in a very musical household. Was there any other path you could have headed down? ‘I don’t think so. I had an idea that I wanted to sing and give myself through music, and the society around me wasn’t very helpful, so I decided to make my own way. I really wanted to sing and create that’s all I knew in my heart’. Do you recall the first song that made you really excited about songwriting, and the limitless possibilities it offers up? I had a penfriend, way before the internet, and she is now a singer called Bishi. She used to send me poems and I would write the poems on top of some music and send it to her. That’s how we fell in love and went onto become the best musical companions in the world’. What is the [new album title] Magic Position and how can the rest of us find it? ‘To live to learn to love in the major key. It’s easy, search for the beautiful part of the world, ignore the bad parts — although it is harder these days to find the beautiful and ignore the bad’. You collaborated at one point with Marianne Faiththful. What did she bring to the music and how aware were you of her past before you met? ‘I was made aware of Marianne through her biography, Faithfull. She was an icon in the shadows that I didn’t go searching for. We share a similarity in our vagabond ways I think’. If I were to hand you an acoustic guitar right now, what would you most like to strum and sing? ‘Britney Spears, crazy … Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah …’

Listen to the Patrick Wolf track, The Magic Position.


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