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Operation Soapbox

A haven for all things creative, London’s Southbank Centre recently collaborated with AOC Architecture to produce Operation Soapbox. Residing at the Royal Festival Hall until the end of last month, the maze of wooden boxes opened up a platform for expression for the young (and not so young) to leave behind opinions, questions and concerns on just about any subject, as Lucy and Anne from the Learning and Participation team behind the project explain: ‘Operation Soapbox affirms Southbank Centre’s commitment to the landscape of the imagination and to the making of participatory art. The maze itself is a space that asks to be interpreted. It invites every reader to make an imaginative and personal response’. In September, the soapboxes will be sent off to schools and youth groups around the UK. They will work with their boxes over the course of a year, receiving regular prompts, ideas, artistic interventions and questions from the project team and from each other. Next summer, they will send back their discoveries — and we’ll build a second structure, celebrating their ideas and creativity’.